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Uxmal, Three Times Built, located 78 km from Merida, has a history rich in legends, myths and anecdotes. The city is located in a hilly region known as the Puuc region. The city is located in a hilly region known as the Puuc region, a mayan word for mountain range later given to the distinctive architectonic style of the archaeological sites in the region.

Uxmal is the most representative example of this style: The Governor's House and Temple of the Wizard, 35 m . high, considered by experts as architectonic marvel for their precise construction and beauty. It is due to these factors that Uxmal received the title Patrimony of Humanity years ago.

Uxmal offers a light and sound show every night. All together, Uxmal, Sayil, Labna, Xlapak and Kabah represent the Puuc style distinguished by the prominence of Chaac, the rain god, who is venerated, conjured, requested through the magical repetition of his image.

Hotel The Lodge at Uxmal, Hoteles Baratos en Uxmal

Hotel The Lodge at Uxmal

The Lodge at Uxmal is a step beyond the Mayaland concept of upscale accommodations in a traditional setting.

$250 USD Average Rate