Small Hotels in Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz is one of the most important ports in Mexico . Has the most important commercial seaport in Mexico . With a population around of 552.156 inhabitants . It is located 90 km away from the state capital of Xalapa and 400 km away from Mexico City . Bordered on the north by the municipality of La Antigua and the Gulf of Mexico , to the south with the municipalities of Medellín and Boca del Rio , on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and to the west by the municipalities of Manlius and Sheep Pass . Its climate is warm tropical, with an average annual temperature of 25.3 ° C and an average annual rainfall of 1500 mm. Historically this port city known for having been founded by Hernán Cortés , being in the region by the Spaniards landed to undertake the conquest of Tenochtitlan. Some of the points of interest in this place are: The Veracruz aquarium, Museum of the City of Veracruz, Naval History Museum, Casa Museo Agustín Lara, Casa Museo Salvador Diaz Miron, Photo and Art Gallery and the Museum of the Mexican Revolution.

Talking about the traditional food of Veracruz , the jarochan food is nationally and internationally known for its richness and variety famous , the kitchen is a tasty jarochan synthesis of Spanish and coastal cuisine , its double wealth comes from the combination of the best of tropical food and best of sea food , we find from typical snacks to the most exquisite dishes of fresh seafood in infinite variety and all kinds of soft and sweet tropical fruits as the basis of supply is considered corn , the main ingredient in many of their dishes including omelets may be prepared , chilaquiles, and ground corn tamales , tamale pie , corn cake , among the typical dishes are stuffed crab , crab chilpachole , pickled fish , Red Snapper Veracruzana , as the great variety of fruit according to the season like pineapple , watermelon , coconut, mamey , mango , papaya , grapes, lemons and limes , custard apples , bananas and soursop.

Coffee made ​​with a quill in the Gran Café de la Parroquia that established since 1808 is an icon of Veracruz tradition , and there is a saying : " If you come to Veracruz and not come to the Parish Cafe for coffee , is as if you had not come to Veracruz . " Go to the portals, to listen the music Jarocha , Danzon , salsa , marimba, accompanied by a beer and " if you do not get drunk in doorways you had not come to Veracruz ."
About the cultural events and traditions, Veracruz Carnival Party is one the World´ls More Beautiful and most important carnivals, colorfull, spectacular, and a lot of live music makes this carnival the most important of Mexico.

Hotel Veracruz, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Hotel Veracruz

Colorful and lively the Hotel Veracruz Centro Historico rises amidst an ambience of tradition, folklore and music.

$68 USD Average Rate


Hotel Imperial, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Hotel Imperial

Located on the main plaza, in front of the cathedral and to one side of the town hall, the place to live the history and folklore of Veracruz in style.

$00 USD Average Rate


Nu Hotel, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Nu Hotel

Nu Hotel was created under a new scheme absolutely committed to the design, comfort and aesthetics appropriate spaces.

$37 USD Average Rate


Hotel Posada del Carmen, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Hotel Posada del Carmen

The Hotel Posada del Carmen is located very close to the main tourist attractions of the city, leading companies and shipping companies Harbor.

$33 USD Average Rate


Hotel Ruiz Milán, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Hotel Ruiz Milan

Learn all the comfort and hospitality of a hotel of four-star With personalized service, business services and a great location.

$43 USD Average Rate


Hotel Villa del Mar, Hoteles Baratos en Veracruz

Hotel Villa del Mar

The Hotel is surrounded by pleasant gardens and open spaces for relaxing recreation, and for small family, we have a fun new playground.

$51 USD Average Rate