Small Hotels in Ensenada

Known commonly as “The Beautiful Cinderella of the Pacific”, Ensenada was for some time the capital of Baja California, however due to over exploitation of mines, the title of capital he was reassigned to Mexicali, however, no longer largest municipality in the world. Currently it is also known for its great natural attractions, national parks, but certainly the most representative is a marine geyser that rises 30 meters above the sea, being in this position produces a peculiar sound, it has given her name, the Bufadora.

Hotel Endemico

Endemico, spanish for endemic, meaning native to a especific region or enviroment, was designed to highlight the isolation of the desert.


Hotel Bahia

Hotel Bahia is a local place that has 50 years of history and hosts several of the Ensenada traditions like being the home of the Newport Beach.