Isla Mujeres

Small Hotels in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

In 1517, Isla Mujeres was discovered by the spanidars along with Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba who arrived to this abandoned site and discovered monuments in the form of women. They decided to give it the name of Isla Mujeres which means the island of women. The island was also used as a pirate refuge by famous men such as Jean and Peter Laffite.

Diving and snorkeling create an adventure for the hidden past of the lost spanish ships such as the Mercurio and the San Geronimo. Discover the remains of these suk. Isla Mujeres is located just 8 miles across the Caribbean from Cancun. Enjoy a daily exploration by renting a moped or even a golf cart and ride off into the wonder that awaits. Discover the natural and cultural points of interest.

Hotel Cabañas María del Mar

It’s time for relaxation and romance. Welcome to Hotel Cabanas Maria del Mar, a 73-room oasis located on Isla Mujeres.


Hotel Villa Kiin

Located in Isla Mujeres, the island once sacred to the Mayan goddess Ix Chel, the hotel exudes tranquility.


Ixchel Beach Hotel

Ixchel Beach Hotel se encuentra en la hermosa Playa Norte en la colorida isla de “Isla Mujeres”, en el Caribe mexicano.


Hotel Na Balam

Na Balam Hotel distinguishes itself for being a boutique hotel set in a wide and spacious privilege beachfront location.


Hotel Chichis and Charlies

Chichis and Charlies Hotel and Beach Club offers hotel services at reasonable prices and a beach club with restaurant.


Hotel Playa Media Luna

The quiet and beautiful Hotel Playa la Media Luna, offers you the most comfortable oceanfront accommodations.