Small Hotels in Leon, Guanajuato

Leon is part of the Guanajuato State, in the center of Mexico. Guanajuato city is verry known but , León is the second largest city of the state, this thanks to the shoe industry has been growing exponentially . Located in the center of the country and is one of the most developed city over 10 years, places the creativity of its inhabitants and the willingness to work, are factors that have led to Leon to what it is today and been improving over the years. Nightlife in León no slouch as it also has lots of different options for each night, there are clubs with different styles to suit all tastes, from salsa, Cuban music to country music and even places the atmosphere is provided by live music.

Hotel Enterprise Inn

Enterprise Inn Hotel arises in León, Guanajuato, México on December 2004, as an avant-garde, hi-tech service company.


Hotel Suites Plaza

Hotel Suites Mexico Plaza Centro Max is an innovative hotel concept with the main contemporary Mexican touch.


Hotel El Ejecutivo

Stadium, formerly Executive Mexico Plaza, innovative concept based in the sporting heart of the city of Leon.