Small Hotels in Manzanillo

One of the main attractions in Manzanillo are undoubtedly the beautiful beaches and warm waters located in the two bays that make up this target , however , the people of Manzanillo has other attractions , such as its pleasant main square known as the Alvarez Obregón Garden, the central part and a magnificent colonial kiosk made with local stones . Manzanillo is made up of two bays in each of its beaches provides the enabling environment to make your holiday here a unique experience with warm sunny days all year

In Manzanillo Bay beaches are : Windows, Las Coloradas , El Viejo, San Pedrito , Las Brisas, Playa Azul, Salahua , Las Hadas and La Escondida also seawall center, the local pier and the inner harbor . Santiago Bay leads to the beaches of La Audiencia, Santiago , Olas Altas , Miramar and Small mouth . These waters provide the perfect setting for the practice of sports like snorkeling , diving and surfing .

Hotel Marbella

The Marbella Hotel is considered an icon that has provided quality services to families and business people traveling to Manzanillo.


Hotel Zar

If you plan to travel to Manzanillo not hesitate to stay at Hotel Zar Manzanillo ensures you will feel at home.


Hotel Manzanillo Inn

The History of Manzanillo Hotelito dates back to 1995 when it becomes a small hotel with the quality and service that only large can provide.