Small Hotels in Oaxaca, Mexico

When you enter the state of Oaxaca, inevitably you will feel a different environment , since the streets are all steeped in culture and folklore while you walk in every space of this place. Can see how the artisans make their products by hand only , you can buy them in the markets at affordable prices. A key element of the identity of Oaxaca is definitely the food, as known from the mole, to fried grasshoppers , and drink better than a good chocolate, or why not ? delicious mezcal , among other dishes .

The architecture is certainly one of the features that distinguish this culture , as well as observe the tallest building in the inner city , also has those that marked its history, such as Monte Albán , Mitla , the Villas of Yanhuitlán Atzompa , Arrazola , the Hacienda San Jose del Mogote and archaeological site in Huitzo , disclosing a little more about life that existed in pre-Hispanic Mexico . However, to reach this destination you should not miss the opportunity to see the icon of the city tree , the tree of Tule.

Hotel Oaxaca Dorado

A hotel close to everything and in a unique destination, Hotel Dorado, the best option to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Oaxaca.


Hotel Marques del Valle

Located in the very heart of the city, where previously were based the Claverías of the Cathedral.


Hotel Parador Crespo

On behalf of the entire team at the hotel, we extend you a very warm welcome and trust your stay with us will be both enjoyable and comfortable.