Small Hotels in Patzcuaro

In the state of Michoacan there is a small colonial town that houses a handicrafts center of great importance and much culture: Patzcuaro. This place has some archaeological sites as Ihuatzio , was once the capital of the Purepecha empire and now has become an important center of crafts with vegetable fiber that is woven and Wood carved ; Tingambato , meaning ” Hill temperate climate ” , founded by Tarascan and Purepechas ; Tzintzutzan , is one of the most important sites found in Michoacan Tarascan capital settled here and lived between 1200 and 1521 AD

Definitely a place you should not miss is the Casa de los Once Patios , which was a convent founded in 1742 and is very close to the stack of San Miguel , Was named so, because , according legend , Don Vasco de Quiroga put in it a statue of the archangel order to drive away the devil , saying it appeared to disturb the womens who came to the fountain for some water. For all this and its vast cultural wealth has been named Patzcuaro magical village and gradually has been placed as one of the ideal break for a holiday full of history, culture and tradition especially. Pazcuardoone of the treasured places of Mexico .

Hotel Casa del Refugio

At Hotel Casa del Refugio can enjoy modern conveniences in a beautiful old building. Its walls, corridors and comfortable spaces.


Hotel Lago Sol

Scape from the city to the shore of Patzcuaro Lake, where you can relax and breathe the fresh air, take a tour to the charming towns around.


Hotel La Mansion de los Sueños

Welcome to Hotel La Mansion de los Sueños. XVII century building, remodeled and restored under a unique design.