Small Hotels in Puebla, Mexico

With an extremely rugged and landlocked relief, Puebla stands as one of the main cities of the Mexican country due to its large population. In their grounds was found the oldest remains of corn and sweet potatoes, in the tehuacan. During colonial times this was the second most important place, found between Mexico City and the port of Veracruz, this is because it has been of the first states to industrialize.

In recent years there has been growing exponentially also becoming one of the states with the highest migration to Mexico City. Its cuisine is not far behind, as their traditional dishes are not only a symbol of the region but of the entire Republic.

Hotel de Talavera

Built in a colonial building, this hotel is a place that is part of a chain of hotels located in the heart of Puebla de Zaragoza.


Hotel Loa Inn

If you are looking for a place with hospitality and amenities just for rest, Loa Inn Hotel is the place for you.


Hotel Puente Real

Enjoy a rest in a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable facilities in this peaceful hotel that certainly a unique holiday experience.