Small Hotels in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

The municipality of Tlaquepaque is located in the State of Jalisco and bordered on the north by the towns of Tonala, Guadalajara and Zapopan, on the south by Falls and Tlajomulco. In Tlaquepaque you can do several tours from the historic district where there are several points of interest such as the regional museum of ceramics, the municipal palace, the church of St. Peter, and can also make crafts tours.

Pottery is the oldest of all crafts, the baked clay of this area may be the same in essence as that of other potters in the world, but especially finish and decoration, which distinguishes and gives value to this art. The Indians produce crafts of different kinds: domestic gods and community offerings and funerary objects , however, the missionaries were ordered to seize the natural ability to produce christian pottery.

In the late eighteenth century pottery see the work extended from this place towards the development of ceramics: the development of objects such as bricks for flooring and roofs, plumbing pipes and tiles, a facet of pottery that today many continue.

Hotel Quinta Don Jose

The Quinta Don Jose (QDJ) is a beautiful, family-run boutique hotel in the heart of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico.