Valle de Bravo

Small Hotels in Valle de Bravo

Very close to the state of Mexico , there is a paradise , ideal for a dream vacation . Its name Valle de Bravo. Surrounded by mountains and embellished with a large artificial lake , offers a wide variety of activities to do like kayaking , skiing , sailing , and even fishing , to make this trip the most enjoyable also offers variety of hotels , restaurants, golf, among other recreational places. Valle de Bravo offers many places to visit if you’re looking for tranquility can enjoy a relaxing time walking the streets and make a stop at the Parish of St. Francis , the patron saint of the place , but if you prefer to live adrenaline, you can go to Monte Alto reserve , Cerro Gordo or park veil Bride , where sports such as hiking , biking , rock climbing , paragliding are practiced , among other extreme activities . One of the places that should not be left to go is undoubtedly the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary , where you will glimpse a unique spectacle , especially during the months of November to March when thousands of migrating butterflies . To get to Valle de Bravo is first necessary to reach Toluca and there you will find a trunk that will guide you straight to paradise.

Hotel Avandaro Golf and Spa Resort

The 50-year tradition by offering high standards of service makes this Resort a paradise themed around a forest.


Loto Azul Hotel and Spa

Loto Azul Hotel Valle de Bravo you expect a different room surrounded by beautiful scenery and good energy.


Hotel Meson de Leyendas

The building was transformed into a hotel 5 years ago. We have preserved its rustic Mexican style and beautiful garden.


Hotel El Rebozo

Hotel El Rebozo Located the heart of the forest Avandaro, where the weather has decided to remain in peace and quiet.