Small Hotels in Zacatecas, Mexica

Located just four and a half hours north of Guanajuato, and a landscape that offers a real tour of the national history is Zacatecas. In the Historic Center majestic Cathedral that was built between 1730 and 1760 is displayed. In the beginning, in the sixteenth century , Zacatecas was only a mining center , with the large production of silver. The City was founded on January 20, 1548 , by Juan de Tolosa along with Diego de Ibarra, Baltasar Cristobal de Oñate and Temiño Banuelos . Among the largest mines in the región , we can mention the town of Fresnillo , known under the name of Villa de plateros , seated just 20 kilometers from the capital. At Christmas , this is the destination of pilgrims who come to give toys to the Holy Child of Atocha , protector of miners and a symbol of Zacatecas. Meanwhile, some other mines have been adapted as a museum to offer visitors a journey through the magical underworld. Another way to know is by zacatecas railway, running from the city to the hill of Kufa . The cuisine is not far behind , one of the most common dishes are the gorditas in its different forms, can be with flour or corn , filled with beans decorated with coconut or walnut. Among the drinks is pulque, aguamiel , and the rum of course drinks typical of this region : the colonche , which is the result of fermentation of the juice of tuna cardona .

Hotel El Refugio de Don Carlos

El Refugio de Don Carlos is a place where history, tradition and culture come together to offer a space where guests can enjoy a peaceful rest.


Hotel Casa del Gobernador

Governor’s House Hotel is a property with an intimate atmosphere with the mission to provide a unique and magical experience.


Hotel Torres

In the zone of the Historical Center of Zacatecas, where the streets and alleys of quarry are interlaced, where the past one takes control.


Hotel Emporio

Emporio Zacatecas offers an example of the city’s baroque architecture from the moment you step into the lobby.


Hotel Fiesta Inn

Today, Fiesta Inn is more than a hotel, it’s a community that enjoys constantly striving for success.


Hotel Parador

Allows Parador Hotel staff attends it as it deserves, in a perfect environment for business or leisure.